My dear sweet Torchwood, you've taken us all on quite a ride this season. You began with a handful of top-notch episodes, keeping us laughing and gripping the edge of our seats waiting for what happens next. Then things got a bit shaky for awhile, and some viewers were beginning to doubt you could hold our attentions until the end. Sure, there were fantastic episodes along the way, like Gwen's wedding, but there were also missteps such as the circus people. So were you able to restore our faith in this diamond in the rough, or did we click off halfway through a patented Jack-scowl?

The final episode of season two hits the ground running with the team splitting up to handle rift activity happening throughout the city. I'd probably volunteer to stick by Ianto; he's never in danger for very long. Gwen and Rhys head for the police station to find a weevil attack has crippled the force, mainly by killing the top officers. Tosh and Ianto head to a military site which was overrun by guys in cloaks who last about three seconds when our heroes pulled out their guns and fire away. Doe anybody else love when "Torchwood" gets gun happy?

Zombie philosopher Owen headed to the hospital where an alien Doctor Who vets will recognize from a season 2 episode is busy chewing on electrical equipment. All it takes is a tranquilizer to dispatch him. Jack returns to the hub because as everyone knows when there is danger in the air, the leader gets to head home. He does get to come home to Captain John, being a leader must be great. Oh, did I mention John kills Jack and gets him all tied up and ready for the main event?

John contacts the team and asks them nicely to head up to the roofs of their respective locations. When a psycho asks you to do something, you do it! Once everyone is on the roof they get to see what John has in store for them. He blows up half the fraking city! We're talking 15 explosions, which turn Cardiff into a chilling allegory for a terrorist target. John wastes no time in heading to 27AD with Jack in tow where he reveals that he hasn't been working of his own free will. See John is a prisoner of someone just as Jack is a prisoner of John. Everyone meet Gray, Jack's younger brother.

Jack and Gray share a brotherly embrace, which ends as all brotherly embraces end with Gray stabbing Jack in the chest. See Gray blames Jack for the years of torture he endured when Jack left him during their childhood. So naturally these years have driven Gray completely insane, and since he can't kill the one person he deems responsible he does the next best thing - he buries Jack alive. As John is tossing the dirt onto Jack he also throws a ring into the grave, telling Gray it was a sentimental thing. Oh Gray, if you were a criminal mastermind you'd probably want to think a bit about that excuse.

Once John has fulfilled his duty to Gray he is set free and jumps back to the present day to help Torchwood. Gwen of course isn't immediately trusting but probably figures one omni-sexual alien is as good as the next. Owen stays at a nuclear power plant in order to contain what could be a massive meltdown while the rest of the team are back at the hub. They're not alone though. Gray's not quite finished yet. John, Gwen and Ianto are trapped in cells with Weevil cellmates, and I though that would make a very unique episode of Oz.

As for Tosh, who is trying to help Owen with the nuclear meltdown via her equipment, Gray shoots her, leaving her bleeding to death. Gray's plans seem to be going off without a hitch until he hears a banging from inside the cryochamber. Maybe Susie is back? Through a nice flashback montage we learn that Jack was unearthed a hundred years ago by Torchwood, whom Jack was already working for, so future Jack has them place him in cryo-sleep with an automatic defrost date of the whatever day this episode takes place. Jack's back and he forgives Gray for what he's done (which I think might have been a bit premature, we're about to get to why) and knocks him out, then frees the cell block teammates. They head back into the hub...

See all this time, a bleeding Tosh has been trying to help Owen. They managed to divert the nuclear flow into the room Owen was in and give him an escape path before it hits. So perhaps Owen and Tosh will save the day and be together? An energy spike proceeds to lock Owen into the soon-to-be hot zone and while he starts off freaking out, Tosh calms him down by saying that his screaming and dying is breaking her heart. Yeah the line didn't work in Star Wars, but when Tosh delivers it my eyes start to get foggy.

Owen accepts his fate, and the rooms goes white as he truly dies. Jack gets to Toshiko, but is too late. The bleeding has gone on for too long, and Tosh passes away. Gray gets put on ice with Jack explaining there has been too much death that day, and John decides to stay in the present time and see what Earth has to offer. Ianto changes the records for Tosh and Owen to reflect their sacrifices and a video message from Tosh appears, telling the team that she loves them, and loves Owen, and hopes that she did good work before her death. The season ends with Ianto, Gwen, and Jack together, mourning their great losses. Brilliant, simply brilliant.

Story by Dan Chruscinski
Starpulse contributing writer