3. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3’s story was not nearly as strong as The Walking Dead or Mass Effect 3, but when it came to pure gameplay, it actually might be even stronger than both of those titles.

It’s open world, but it never felt insurmountable whether you chose to stick to the main missions or went off and did your own thing every now and again. The crafting system, the weapon upgrades and side missions all flowed seamlessly in the experience in ways few other games of this size could accomplish this year.

My one complaint as I said in my review, was that I wish the game was a third-person game as opposed to first-person because it potentially could have helped me understand the character I was portraying better. In other words, I could see more of what he was going through by actually seeing it on his face.

But that complaint doesn’t stop this game from being the third best of the year.

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