2. Mass Effect 3

Take the ending of the final game of the Mass Effect franchise and put it in a box. Throw that box in the ocean. And then let’s sit down and discuss the final game.

You have to put aside the ending—whether you like it or not because fan vitriol towards it can easily influence your overall feeling about it.

So putting my own issues with the ending aside – which were somewhat improved with the free DLC – and Mass Effect 3 stands as a triumph. One that allows me goodbyes to characters I cared so much about and a sense of finality that few trilogies can actually achieve.

I hated the final ten minutes of Mass Effect 3, but I loved the 80+ hours that led up to that moment, most of which were contained in that third game. And it’s no surprise that my first two games on my GOTY list are games where decisions and choices are paramount to the storytelling.

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