For years the city of Boston grit its teeth while NY teams dominated the championship circuit, giving birth to the oldest, greatest, most amazing (and sickeningly overplayed if you're from Chicago) city rivalry in sports. Now, the Red Sox have won the World Series, The Celtics have the best record in the NBA, and the Patriots are looking to be the greatest football team of all time (an undefeated record of 19 and 0). The only thing that stands in Bean Town's way of eternal glory is a Big Blue Apple.

Ask me and my two roommates (who I must admit are instrumental in the penning of this list) and that's more than enough reason to get your pulse pumping for Super Bowl XLII. But if you're not a sports fan and you don't love roman numerals, have no fear… there are still ten great reasons to watch this Sunday:

10. Fox is broadcasting this Super Bowl; reshaping it to look like American Idol XLII with brief football intermissions. Ryan Seacrest is hosting the pregame and halftime shows, the national anthem is being crooned by "season six" winner Jordin Sparks, and Paula Abdul is debuting her first music video in over a decade. Rumors are flying that Simon Cowell is leading the cheerleaders. Randy likes both teams, dog.

9. Mike Carey is the first black referee to head a Super Bowl officiating crew. Jerry Reese, General Manager for the Giants, is the first black GM to reach a Super Bowl. He's doing it in his first year on the job.

8. Eli Manning and Peyton Manning are the first brothers ever to quarterback the Super Bowl in back to back years. Their proud father, Archie, was a combined thirty-five wins, one hundred and one losses, and three ties in his ten full seasons as an NFL quarterback. That's worst in NFL history among quarterbacks, but who's laughing now? Though, they may have gotten their talent from Mrs. Manning.

7. Tom Brady is Esquire's "Best-dressed Man Alive," beating out Barack Obama, Jay-Z, David Beckham and the Pope. Though, I hear the Pope throws a mean "Hail Mary." Maybe if Brady weren't wearing the same thing as everyone else on the field, this would be higher on the list.

6. This year, 58 super bowl ads cost an estimated 156.6 million dollars. That's a lot of talking animals and sex jokes.

5. One of those ads, for the first time in nine super-bowls, is by Victoria Secret. That means, guys, that you can enjoy not only the kickoff, Tom Petty, and those funny Budweiser ads in 52 inch high def, but now also the wonder bra. One can only hope for a wardrobe malfunction.

Sneak Peak: Budweiser Super Bowl Ads

4. The Patriots' Junior Seau and Randy Moss, and the Giants' Michael Strahan, Jeff Feagles, and Amani Toomer are a combined 1,121 games stretched out over 75 years without winning a Super Bowl. On Sunday, somebody is going to go home with that drought over.

3. Tom Petty is playing the half time show. That means if you're watching the first half and you're not a football fan, the "Wa-yay-ting is the Hardest Part."

2. Feagles, the Giants Punter, is 41, and is ten months older than the Super Bowl itself (don't ask me how that's possible since the Super Bowl is 42, but I'd watch just because of that). He is the oldest player in the big game's history. Teammate Ahmad Bradshaw was two years old when Feagles played his first NFL game. Feagles was raised in the Pheonix area, where the game will be played, and currently resides there.

1. Belief. Belief that perfection is possible or that the common man can raise up and upset the champion. Whether the Pats go 19 and Oh, or the Giants rewrite history, on Sunday evening there is going to be a rebirth in the American dream. Anything is possible.

*******Then, there's the number one reason not to watch. If you're me, a life long Giants fan, it may be because you can't bear it. If you're a Patriots fan, it may be because you're busy reading the book you pre-ordered called "19-0," written by the Boston globe (and that is true, you can look it up). However, if you really hate football and America, I give you this alternative from (Press

"WATCH THE PUPPY BOWL! Cable's Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl is the Super Bowl of watching puppies. You get nonstop puppy action on a tiny football field (nonstop, that is save for the all-kitty halftime action) as fresh puppies are tossed in to sub for those growing lethargic."

I, of course, will stick to my number one- if you can't believe, why bother? It's nice to know though; somewhere out there, on a gridiron of saliva and sweat and hair, puppies are matching their determination against other puppies- daring to rise up and touch puppy greatness.

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Special thanks: Mathew J. Cullinan and Dan O'Brien

Story by James Fagan contributing writer