In light of the five-star film "Hanna" from Focus Features hitting theaters April 8, felt that movie kids that kick ass just weren’t getting their due.  So we decided to make a list of some seriously bad babes (not in Toyland anymore!) that bother way beyond their youthful years.  Yes, "Hanna" is herself a teen, but for those minors with moxie our list is going to encompass all of you – youngsters of all ages who made their movie impression with everything from scares to sass.   So to the tots that take life, adolescence with attitude and just plain nasty brats in need of a spanking, we salute you! 


Here is the first part of our list of Top Ten Movie ‘Bad Kids’ – and it’s well past their bedtime!



10. Johnny aka The Paperboy from "Better Off Dead"

Who the hell doesn’t remember, "Four weeks – twenty papers!"  No?  How about a stiff foot in the door?  Uh-uh.  Well, if the switchblade comb doesn’t ring the bell of familiarity then I’ve got two simple words for you – "two dollars!"  That pain in the ass paperboy Johnny who hassles John Cusack’s Lane Meyer over a measly sum of money throughout "Better Off Dead" is one mean (the cold stare!), bitter (the unkempt clothes and cloth paper bag are a staple!) and utterly resilient (he even follows Lane down the ski slope…on his bike!) news deliverer – hell hath no fury like a man out two bits!



9. The Baby from "It’s Alive" 2008

Even though the film itself is no greater then the original flick it’s remaking, there is just something about the hidden from sight and mysterious nature of Bijou Phillips little demon seed from "It’s Alive" that’s too bad to ignore.  Maybe it’s the sheer brutality of the killings (more blood is an understatement!) or just the absence of reason (what ever happened to milk does a body good?!), but this evil kid that kills is curiously compelling.



8. Anthony from "Twilight Zone: The Movie"

Brat.  Normally you’d just put him in a corner or send him to his room, but in the case of Anthony from the Zone movie segment 'It’s a Good Life' things are a little different.  Because of his unnatural powers that allow him to do anything he wants, the 'family' here simply caters to his every whim.  From providing burgers with peanut butter to pulling rabbits out of hats (or so they seem!), never has a kid gotten away with so much.  Call the ladies from Nanny 911 – we got a live one!




7. Haley from "Hard Candy"

Imagine every man’s worst nightmare – a young girl with a goal to castrate and the knife in hand to do it.  Even though the man in question is an admitted pedophile (bastard!), the sting still stays strong as Haley proceeds and performs the amateur operation…and describes every step in painstaking detail.  Haley and her hatchet are hardcore.



6. Malachai from "Children of the Corn" 1984

Now it could be the fact that "Children of the Corn" actor Courtney Gains just creeped me right the hell out as Isaac’s lieutenant Malachai or maybe the look of his long flowing demon red hair.  But in the end it’s the sheer expression of evil, anger and zeal on Malachai’s face before, during and after a kill that has me running for the corn field – children be damned!


Keep an eye out for Part Two of our list – it’s a brutal briss you won’t want to miss!