After finding America's toughest car, the hosts of History's Top Gear are taking on one of the UK show's more outrageous challenges: making motorhomes. If you expect this to go well, you're watching the wrong show.

Tanner informs us via voice-over that RVs are expensive, and so they decided that they ought to make ones that are both cheaper and fun to drive. His idea of this is of course, one that goes fast and drifts, so he brings us a 1983 Porsche with a giant rocket strapped to it, "because that is awesome."

Adam's response to this is a 1973 Buick that he's put a replica of New York City's Flatiron Building on. "This is only ten blocks from my house," he says proudly, obviously referring to the real thing and not the giant structure on top of his convertible.

Rutledge is the last to arrive, driving the one vehicle that doesn't look insane. He calls it the "Mini Winnie" and it's a Honda wagon. This may be the most low-key vehicle in the history of Top Gear - so of course, his colleagues don't think it's fun enough.

All three cars now have to race to their parking spaces, with Tanner predictably leaving smoke in his wake. Adam learns the challenges of driving with a building on top of your vehicle. Rutledge ends up bringing up the rear, which is probably safer for him anyway. Upon their arrival, Rut's Honda pulls in half, shocking Tanner, whose comment is "Let's go burn something."

Unfortunately for Rutledge, just as he's about done setting up his homestead, Tanner realizes they're not even staying there. They have to head to Charlotte in order to camp in the infield at a NASCAR race. After "a half-hour of whining," to quote Adam, the boys head back out onto the open road.

They use their travel time to extol the virtues of their new a point. Rutledge's is ridiculously loud and Adam has issues with the wind. "I may have underestimated the complexities of driving Miss Daisy's entire apartment building," he admits, while Rut thinks he might be getting high off the Honda's exhaust. Oh, and look out for that bridge, Adam.