The third act involves dropping the cars from a crane some fifteen feet in the air. Tanner's Toyota bats leadoff, landing hard on its passenger side. Adam drops his Chevy, which he's nicknamed "Shamu," and immediately celebrates hitting the dismount. Unfortunately for him, the impact breaks both motor mounts. Rut decides to jettison his Chevy rear end first, and it falls forward onto all four tires. It starts, though, and shockingly so do the other two cars.

That brings the guys to Glen Helen Raceway, but by the time they get there, their cars are understandably hurting, whether it's Adam's noisy driveshaft or Rutledge's loss of power steering. Their last to-do is an nasty obstacle course, with the last one standing being crowned the winner. Plus, they've got to do it without oil in their vehicles. Both Rutledge and Adam set their sights on taking out Tanner, but Adam quickly ends up as a "beached whale," taking him out of the competition.

Rutledge and Tanner vie for the lead, while Adam decides to mix things up by throwing things onto the course. In the end, though, it's the Toyota that stays alive the longest - and Tanner rams it into the Volvo and the Chevy in celebration. His showboating isn't without consequence, though, as the Corolla dies not long afterward.

As the winner of the competition, Tanner gets sent to Kentucky to match a Mercedes G 63 AMG - the vehicle of choice for the Russian mafia, apparently - against some hardcore military units. His objective is to get the Mercedes to a designated safehouse while being tracked down by members of the infamous 101st Airborne Division. Maybe it's good that he won. because he's probably got the best chance of survival against these folks. (Although watching Adam attempt this would have been immensely entertaining.)

It's our racing driver against a drone, some helicopters, and people who do this sort of thing for a living. Since there's really only one road for Tanner to drive on, there's not really any strategy to this game. It's all about speed. He finally wises up and decides to take the Mercedes off-road, but not for very long, and it doesn't do much good. Although he's heading "ludicrous speed" - obviously Tanner is a Spaceballs fan - Tanner drives right into an ambush.

So what did we learn from this week's episode of Top Gear? If you need a car that is both boring and can take a lot of punishment, buy a Corolla, and don't mess around with the Army. Until next time...

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