The premiere episode of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" scored the highest opening-night rating of any new show in three years. Over 18 million people tuned in to the show's debut, according to the Nielsen rating service. Here are five reasons we're watching the show:

5. It's action packed. Every couple of minutes has a scene with somebody getting shot, punched, or run over with a car.

4. It's well acted. The actors who play Sarah (Lena Headey) and John (Thomas Dekker) are both quite good. I will say, however, that the gal (Summer Glau) who plays the terminator protecting the two of them comes off a little awkward. What's hard to fathom is how she can turn on a normal-sounding voice in a pinch, but then has to revert back to the robotic voice and blank stare, which is almost as bad as Vicki from "Small Wonder."

3. The story is faithful to the original movies.

2. The details are also consistent with the films. Dogs still hate terminators, and time travel still comes with nakedness. The kid using his cell phone to take a video of the nakedness was a nice touch and very much with the times.

1. Although the show relies heavily on the action sequences, it also has a lot of really interesting ideas. For instance:

-A terminator poses as a substitute teacher and stabs through his own leg to get to a concealed gun.

-A time machine is located in a bank. It appears as if the characters are robbing the place, but in reality they're locking themselves into the safe to travel to the future.

-A terminator, who has his head blown off, hides his stolen human head with a helmet, finds his head at a man's home, kills the guy, and puts his head back on.

Top Five Things We Would Like To See In Future Episodes:

5. Less narration. That's always a good way to make a show cornier, see Sex And The City.

4. No T1000/gel-man terminators like Robert Patrick's character in the Terminator 2. It made for a lot of cool scenes, but the idea that anyone would ever be able to make a robot that could turn into liquid is even more poorly conceived than the idea of time travel.

3. More naked time travel.

2. It would also be good to get a better explanation for who is behind everything, and why the robots, or whoever is leading them, want all the humans dead.

1. Guest stars by Arnold or any other familiar, Terminator faces. One would imagine that the terminator portrayed by Arnold had to be modeled after a real person, so why not have John and Sara cross paths with him? Come on, Arnold. Take a break from governing, and give us one last, "I'll be back."

Story by Matthew J. Swanson
Starpulse contributing writer