The Notebook - 2004:  All you need to know about the film is that Allie and Noah (aka: Duke) have been passionately in love for over 60 years and Allie wrote their life story in a notebook and gave it to Noah to read to her when her dementia took over so he could bring her back to him.  You see how much they loved each other over the years and then you see that Allie doesn’t even remember Noah, let alone love him.  Until she does, because his reading the story brings back the memories! But then she loses them again and they are separated.  At the end of the film, he sneaks into her hospital room in the middle of the night and she knows who he is.  They’ve decided that their love can make anything possible even for eternity so he crawls into bed with her, holds her hand and says “I’ll be seeing you” as they fall asleep for the last time.  Even the nurse who finds them dead in the hospital bed has tears in her eyes; if you can’t muster a sob or two you have ice water in your veins.


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