Twitter isn't just for sharing text. Once celebrities starting sharing photos of themselves on TwitPic, an entirely new way to check out your favorite stars was unveiled. Here are the top celebrity TwitPics of 2010.

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler share a bed: What better way to deny rumors you are with someone than to post a photo of yourself in bed with that person? Chelsea posted this tongue-in-cheek picture with the post "I don't know why anyone thinks I would ever date a rapper."

Bulk up 50, maybe you will nab someone like Chelsea Handler: Speaking of 50 Cent, remember when he posted this crazy photo of himself after he lost a lot of weight to play a cancer patient in Things Fall Apart?

Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian bring out the crazies: When Kim and Justin shared photos of them together, Bieber fanatics went crazy and sent death threats to Kim in hopes of scaring her off.  

Helen Mirren washes Russell Brand: While on the set of Arthur, Russell thought it would be prudent to share this photo of Helen Mirren reaching into his tub. A bit of an oddity, but at least he can prove that it really happened!

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