Celebrity is something of a double edged sword. On one hand you could make millions and be adored by fans all over the world, but it also means the loss of privacy and the constant nitpicking of the mainstream critics. One slip up is all it takes for your face and words to be scattered over magazines and blogs, but sometimes the controversies are worth being taken to task for.

Here's a look at some of the celebrities who lost their mind or temper at the wrong time, and whether or not they have managed to bounce back from the incidents. What do you think of these moments in celeb history? Feel free to comment and add other nasty celeb stories!

Christian Bale is a professional. Or so he likes to declare, but there was a tense moment on the set of Terminator Salvation where he may have lost his cool a little bit. This isn't the first report we've had of Bale's temper, but it was the first caught directly on tape and then spread everywhere. Before long people were quoting his rant in a mocking or disgusted way. Bale claims to have lost it because a crew member moved into his sightline during an intense scene. He did apologize to the poor recipient of his cursing screams, but the tape was all over the internet and radio before long. Did it effect Bale's career, however? Not at all. People lose their tempers and what he did was very UNprofessional, but he's the star now of two popular franchises (Terminator and Batman). They'll let this one slide.

Warning: This video is NSFW!

Alec Baldwin is the current leading man of "30 Rock," but he also got into a spot of trouble in 2007 due to losing his temper in a very dark way. You see, the comedic actor has gone through a famously difficult custody battle with his ex-wife Kim Basinger. He had a court-ordered conversation with his 11-year-old daughter Ireland, and when she did not answer her phone, Baldwin lost it. He left a two minute rant insulting and yelling at his child, including calling her a "rude, thoughtless little pig." This outburst met with much criticism from the media, especially since Baldwin has gotten controversial for his temper before in the political landscape. Outspoken the actor may be - for good and for ill - but he did apologize for his language toward the child. Basinger and Baldwin are still in battle over little Ireland, but Baldwin's success on television has gone on unmarred by any controversy.

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but you wouldn't know it in the past few years since he hasn't been the most lucrative of performers. In fact, since a particular incident in 2005 on the Oprah Winfrey show, he has only done a handful of movies, although they all did very well in the box office. Cruise can still bring in the crowds, but he did cause a great number of people to question his sanity in the past few years. First it was his huge financial and political support for Scientology, a controversial religion, and then his spastic appearance on Oprah when he jumped on the couch about his new love with now-wife Katie Holmes. It wasn't so much his enthusiasm that bothered people...but more the crazy gleam in his eyes and the odd behavior it inspired. This was not the first or the last problem Cruise has had in the public, including a very awkward battle with Brooke Shields over a comment he made regarding post-partum depression. While people may often regard Cruise now as a bit of a loose cannon, the few movies under his belt in the past four years have done well. His star status has not been lost, although more often than not now the tabloids choose to mock the actor rather than support him. Oh, Tom. You may be a psychopath, but you're our psychopath.

Cruise's appearance on Oprah

Mel Gibson was once one of the most successful actors and directors in Hollywood. He's the star of the Lethal Weapon series, the actor/director of Braveheart, and the director of The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto. However, since 2006 he has done absolutely no movies, although he does plan to return in 2010 for two projects: "Edge of Darkness" and "Sam and George." Will he be greeted fondly? In 2006 Mel Gibson was arrested for a DUI and started spouting anti-Semitic remarks. This caused a very dramatic uproar, causing criticism from every direction including, naturally, the Jewish community. Gibson has apologized and went into rehab for alcohol abuse. Between his attempt to keep sober and his philanthropy, many believe that Gibson should be forgiven for his mishap. He has not done a film since "Apocalypto," which did very well in the box office, so it may be that his return to film will be widely celebrated. Or it may mean that the public will not forgive this former-Hollywood Hunk.

Michael Richards was a breakout actor on one of the most famous sitcoms of all time, "Seinfeld." He played the wacky next door neighbor Kramer, a fan favorite, and also made a great deal of guest appearances on major shows like "Cheers," "Mad About You," and "Night Court." After "Seinfeld," Richards got his own sitcom but it barely lasted a season. Richards then turned to stand-up comedy, and this led to a very bad incident for the actor. In 2006, a cell phone got a video of Richards losing his temper with hecklers in the audience, and he started screaming racist slurs. He used the 'n' word six times. Obviously, this caused quite a stir and an angry reaction from critics of every race. The comedian apologized on a "Late Show With David Letterman" appearance, and he has tried to build bridges to the African American community since. He has only been in one movie since, the animated Bee Movie. It does not look like Richards has managed to bounce back from this incident.

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer