Ah, the Holidays. There's nothing like them, is there? Kick back, relax, forget about work and the world for awhile. Is their anything better on a work calendar than the words "Paid Holiday"? Absolutely not.

Of course, not every holiday falls into this category. In fact, most do not. But we still celebrate them like we have the day off anyway. They're not always as good as the ones we get paid for, but sometimes they are even better.

Still, some of these holidays (even the paid ones) are celebrated to an extent that doesn't really fit their quality. While others (even the paid ones) are often ignored. How did this happen? Well, it's a matter of perception, namely that Holidays, like everything else, can be both overrated and underrated.

Here are the top five in each.


5. Martin Luther King Day

How underrated is this holiday? People barely get the day off. How horrible. MLK was a great man. One of the top 10 all-time great Americans, and we don't even get to celebrate him at all? Columbus Day gets more fanfare. Groundhog's Day has more media coverage. When you don't get the day off, people often forget it's a holiday, and when there isn't some silly animal involved in the celebration. It's completely swept under the rug. What a shame.

4. Christmas Eve

This is the real Christmas Holiday. The presents are still wrapped. There's still a sense of anticipation. There's often a party with carols, drinking, merriment and excellent food. And there's rarely anything to clean up. Christmas is a holiday where the season is better than the actual day itself, and Christmas Eve is the pinnacle of that season. Everything else is just an afterthought, no matter how much hype it gets.

3. Cinco De Mayo

It's kind of like St. Patrick's Day in that "everybody's Mexican on Cinco De Mayo" and that there is mucho drinking involved. It's not like St. Patrick's Day in that nobody ever seems to give it the same credence. You HAVE to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. You HAVE to get into the spirit, otherwise you're some sort of weirdo. That doesn't happen with Cinco De Mayo even though the weather's better and the food is far superior on that day. Sure, the beer isn't as good, but the pros far outweigh the cons on this day.

2. New Year's Day

Does anybody even think this is still a holiday anymore? This is certainly the only holiday where the day preceding it gets more hype than the day itself. Why should that be? On New Year's Day you get the day off work, get to gorge yourself on some sort of pork product, and there's football on from dawn until far after dusk. This is certainly a day worth enjoying.

1. Thanksgiving

Of the big two holidays - Christmas and this one - Thanksgiving never gets nearly as much pub. It's kind of a shame seeing as it could be the best holiday of all. It involves a massive meal filled with goodness. There's football on all day and now all night thanks to the NFL Network. It's still warm enough to go out and do something if you're so inclined. Plus, it's one of the best movie weekends of the year. Also, it's the start of the aforementioned Christmas season, which beats the big day handily. This is an incredible holiday that's just like Christmas in many ways except that it doesn't get as much love and there's no shopping. Somehow that seems backwards.