BRAVO is the channel to be on this week with two great premieres and a season finale, and it all starts with the return of a "Project Runway" favorite.

NCAA Basketball Championship Game - CBS - Monday, April 5

I don't know a lot about basketball, but I know that tonight is huge! Tonight, the Butler Bulldogs and the Blue Devils from Duke will fight for the title of number one college basketball team in the country. The game will air live on CBS starting at 9 p.m. EST.



"Christian Siriano: I'm Having a Moment" - BRAVO - Monday, April 5

BRAVO and its viewers will welcome, probably with open arms, a new one-hour special following one of the most loved "Project Runway" designers in the show's history, Christian Siriano. The show will follow the fashion designer as he prepares for a huge upcoming runway show, watches over his clothing line and helps dress some A list celebrities, all while trying to keep his sanity and keep himself grounded.

"Top Chef Masters" - BRAVO - Wednesday, April 7

Season two of the "Top Chef" spinoff, "Top Chef Masters," premieres this week. The show will feature professional chefs Ana Sortun, Govind Armstrong, Jerry Traunfeld, Jimmy Bradley, Susan Feniger and Tony Mantuano competing for the top title. Now, you may not have heard of any of these chefs, but the truth is these are some of the best of the best in the culinary world, and, based on the trailer, they're also some of the most dramatic chefs out there. On the season premiere, the chefs create aphrodisiacal dinners for couples on first dates.

"The Challenge: Fresh Meat II" - MTV - Wednesday, April 7

"Real World" and "Road Rules" fans rejoice because our favorite head-to-head battle show is back this week! "The Challenge: Fresh Meat II" brings thirteen more lucky, or unlucky depending on how much you like to get down and dirty, newbies to British Columbia to take on another group of "Real World" and "Road Rules" veterens. This season's veterans include CJ from Cancun, Darrell from Campus Crawl, Evelyn from Fresh Meat I, Paula from Key West, Wes from Austin and nine other former MTV stars.

"Shear Genius" - BRAVO - Wednesday, April 7

It's come down to this moment for the season three "Shear Genius" stylist. This week, Brig, Janine and Matthew, will cut, color and style for the title of top stylist when the three come together on the season finale. For their final challenge, the stylist will be asked to style six models for a henry Duarte rock fashion show. At the end of the episode, a winner will be named by the judges, including guest judge Linda Wells.


Story by Amanda Hamilton

Starpulse contributing writer