"Dancing with the Stars" is back! The favorite reality competition will return Monday for its tenth season with 11 new celebrities strutting their stuff for this season's grand title. They're saying that this will be the best season yet, and they may be right if they mean it will be the best season to see the most hysterical dancers to date. They've put together quite the cast for season 10, and although I don't normally like to pick a winner before the premiere, I'm already putting my money on either Evan Lysacek, the Olympic gold medal figure skater, or Nicole Scherzinger, the Pussycat Dolls lead singer. I mean, they seem like they only ones who could possibly have a clue what their feet should be doing on this show.

1. "Dancing with the Stars" (ABC) - Monday, March 22

So, who else will viewers get to cheer on this season? Well, joining Evan and Nicole will be Buzz Aldrin (retired astronaut), Pamela Anderson (Playboy playmate), Erin Andrews (ESPN sportscaster), Shannon Dougherty (actress), Kate Gosselin (reality TV star), Niecy Nash (actress), Chad Ochocinco (NFL wide receiver), Jake Pavelka (recent "Bachelor" star) and Aiden Turner (actor/model).

2. "Nurse Jackie" (Showtime) - Monday, March 22

"Nurse Jackie" will return for its second season on Monday. After the huge fallout with Eddie at the end of season one, what with him finding out about her family and all, Jackie is ready to start fresh and start clean. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it will be as easy done as said after Eddie overdoses and Cooper files a formal complaint with the hospital against Jackie.

3. "United States of Tara" (Showtime) - Monday, March 22, 2010

Along with the "Nurse Jackie" premiere, Showtime will also bring back "United States of Tara" on Monday for its second season premiere. The main thing I'm looking forward to this season is finding out more about Gimme, Tara's new alter ego. We barely saw Gimme last season, and when we did see it, Tara didn't know about it, yet. Hopefully, Gimme will give viewers new insight in to what happened to Tara to cause the creation of her alter egos.

4. "Secret Life of the American Teenager" (ABC Family) - Monday, March 22

On Monday, "Secret Life of the American Teenager" will air its season finale and, hopefully, clear up a huge bombshell that was dropped last week. Could Adrian really be pregnant with Ben's baby? I'm praying the answer is no but something tells me I'm wrong. Do I think there will be another baby popping out next season, though? No. If Adrian really is pregnant, I think there is a chance she will lose the baby. Before jumping to that, though, I'm still going with the idea that she isn't pregnant at all. Seriously, haven't these kids learned, yet?

5. "V: The Arrival" (ABC) - Tuesday, March 23

If you happened to miss the premiere of "V" last season and are dying to catch up before new episodes start airing, check out "V: The Arrival" airing Tuesday on ABC. The special will recap the first four episodes of the series, touching on the Visitors arrival on Earth, the reasons they may have landed and the connections they are forming with the human race.

Story by Amanda Hamilton

Starpulse contributing writer