When season one of Hannibal ended, viewers were left with one major, baffling question: How were we going to survive the long hiatus? Will Graham, a unique and brilliant, was left behind bars, framed for crimes he didn’t commit and betrayed by people he trusted most. Hannibal Lector, one of the world’s most terrifying cannibalistic serial killers, managed to shift focus of his own crimes onto his fragile best friend. Meanwhile, the people Will was closest to, including Jack and Alana, were convinced of his guilt. Would Will be able to use his incredible mind to find a way out of his predicament? How would Hannibal continue to keep suspicion off of him? Was there anybody on the show willing to be on Team Will?

With these questions and more swirling through my head, I’m more than eager to see what season two has in store. Here are the top five things I want to see from the second season: