Tomorrow Nicolas Cage's latest movie Knowing will be released on DVD. When you sit down to watch a Cage movie you're at worst getting an enjoyable movie, as best, you're getting an Oscar-worthy film. Yes, we're saying it - Nicolas Cage does not make bad movies, which is something that can be said of very few in Hollywood.

Part of the reason why his films aren't groan worthy is because Cage has the gift of being able to weed out bad scripts exceptionally well. Plus Cage is able to transform a halfway decent script into a greatly enjoyable movie.

Check out our list of truly great and truly enjoyable Nicolas Cage movies:

Cage plays Ronny Cammareri, a local baker who has a wooden hand and falls in love with a local widow who has become his brother's fiancée.

Cage plays treasure hunter Ben Gates, who is hunting a treasure that was hidden by the founding fathers after the Revolutionary War. It beholds a classic cross and double cross, good vs. evil storyline and is enjoyable for everyone age five and up.

Cage plays Vietnam veteran Sgt. Alfonso 'Al' Columbato, who suffers from major physical injuries resulting from the war. Al tries to help medical staff figure out what is wrong mentally with his boyhood friend Birdy, who had taken to acting and living as though he is a bird. The film is an interesting take on bromance in the 1960s and contains one of the more absurd plots Hollywood has ever made. Altogether, it's a glorious production.

Cage plays identical twins who are screenwriters. While Donald Kaufman is able to write with ease, twin brother Charlie is unable to write an adaptation of a book about orchids and becomes obsessively neurotic about it to the point that he writes himself and others into his screenplay. It is definitely a movie that brings everything together and wows the audience in the end like no other.

Cage plays a down on his luck man named Ben Anderson who is suicidal and decides to move to Las Vegas to drink himself to death. In the process he meets a prostitute who falls in love with him. Cage won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his work in this film, and they are most deserving.

Honorable mention: Raising Arizona

Story by Eric Stromsvold

Starpulse contributing writer