HIMYM fans are still coming down off of last week’s shocker ending, and with a rerun airing tonight (last year’s thanksgiving episode in most areas) I thought this was the perfect opportunity to reflect upon HIMYM’s best surprise endings. Here are my top 5.

5.  Bachelor Party, Season 2 Episode 19.

Barney can often times be a nuisance, but every once in a while he shows how much his friends really mean to him.  After Barney completely ruins Marshall’s bachelor party, Marshall asks whether Barney even wants the wedding to happen.  Then Lily reveals that when she was out in San Francisco, it was Barney who tracked her down and asked for her to come back.  Ted is so shocked by the revelation that he says Barney should be the best man.

4.  Come On, Season 1 Episode 22.

In the season one finale, Ted is jubilant that he finally made things work with Robin.  However, when he gets back home, he finds Marshall sitting in the rain holding Lily’s engagement ring.  When Ted realizes that Lily has called off the wedding, his mood quickly changes.  He sits down next to Marshall and throws his arm around him.  Thankfully Marshall and Lily eventually get back together, but not until midway through the next season.

3.  The Rebound Girl, Season 7 Episode 11.

Last week’s shocking revelation hits number three on my list.  Last week we were all taken off guard by Robin divulging that she is pregnant.  Unlike the previously mentioned episode, we still do not know how this will all work out.  Is the baby Barney’s?  Would they get back together if it was?  Will Barney and Robin be getting married in the wedding mentioned in each of the last two season finales?

2.  Shelter Island,  Season 4 Episode 5.

Ted thought he had everything figured out.  He was marrying his beautiful fiancé Stella, and he was going to move out to her place.  He would help raise Stella’s daughter Lucy, and he and Stella would start working on a family of their own.  It wasn’t to be, as Stella walks out at the last minute, instead deciding to get back together with Tony, Lucy’s father.  Ted has been figuratively kicked in the grapes a few times during the series, but none stung quite like this one.

1.  Bad News, Season 6 Episode 13.

For me, the most shocking HIMYM episode ending has to be “Bad News.”  Marshall and Lily had been trying to get pregnant, unsuccessfully.  Marshall decides to go in for a fertility test, and expects bad news.  Surprisingly, the test comes back fine, and he decides to call his dad to tell him the good news, but Mr. Eriksen doesn’t pick up.  Lily approaches Marshall with tears in her eyes.  “Marshall, your dad had a heart attack.  He didn’t make it.”  Marshall is shocked, “My dad is dead?” he asks.  He embraces Lily and says, “I’m not ready for this.”  The follow-up to this episode, “Last Words,” is one of the best of the series.  If you have ever lost someone you loved, you will be very touched by these two episodes.

As I previously mentioned, HIMYM is a rerun tonight (Blitzgiving, Season 6 Episode 10).  The legend continues Monday Dec. 5th at 8/7c with “Symphony of Illumination.”  This episode was written by Joe Kelly, who has brought us some great episodes such as “The Naked Man” and “The Bracket.”