Top 5 Game Changing Movie Bad Guys

Bad Guys

Throughout the vast history of hero flicks one thing remains a key ingredient to being a success – the champion of the film is only as good as his bad guy movie counterpart.  And while throughout cinema there have been a lot of truly tasty twisted dudes, only a very few have actually carved groundbreaking new territory in the role of ying to a hero’s yang.  It’s these roles that we salute here – five sinister, calculated and conniving characters who dared to slip on the mask of malevolence and lovingly gave the movie world a whole new definition of bad guy.  Listed by year, beginning way back in 1947 and moving all the way to 1993, here are the…'Top 5 Game Changing Movie Bad Guys!'   


1. Tommy Udo

Bad Guys

("Kiss Of Death" – 1947)


Way back in 1947 before being a wacko was in vogue, actor Richard Widmark made a remarkable debut as a grinning, sadistic and all around oddball villain who displayed his relish for evil like a badge of honor.  As unrepentant criminal Tommy Udo in "Kiss of Death," Widmark tapped into a creepy psychosis that lingered long like his maniacal laugh and unsettled audiences who had never witnessed such a bold display of malevolence personified.  So that when Udo famously pushed a helpless old lady down a full flight of stairs the atrocious act itself almost became secondary – the shock of joyful cruelty rates slightly higher on the scoundrel scale.

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