These are the big men on campus, guys you would like to hang out with, not just because they're cool guys, but because they have power; these kids get all the girls, they got their school principals by the balls, and most importantly, they have some serious clout.

5. Danny Zuco of the film Grease

Danny had a summer fling with a girl who looked like a heyday Olivia Newton John, she ended up going to his school the following school year, and he acted like he didn't know her, suggesting that she try the Yellow Pages to find who she was looking for. Cold blooded!

With the help of his friends, he fixed up a car called Greased Lightning, fashioning it into a virtual "pussy wagon."

Image © Paramount Pictures

He could hit that high note at the end of "Summer Nights." "Those summer . . . nights!!!" Wait, why's that cool again? Let's move on.

4. Jeff Spicoli of the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High

He ordered a pizza to his high school history class to eat at his desk as his crusty old teacher, Mr. Hand, lectured. He didn't quite pull it off, but it was still a ballsy move.

He waltzed into class halfway through with his shirt unbuttoned, showing his bare tanned chest, and with a bagel poking out the top of his shorts.

A philosopher of sorts, he argues that all one needs from life are "some tasty waves and a cool buzz."

3. Zack Morris of television's Saved By the Bell

Zack was the first kid to have a cell phone, even if it was frickin' bulky and stupid-looking.

He may have been a "preppy," but he was dating Kelly Kapowski, the hottest girl in Saturday morning, non-cartoon history.

He could outfox that wily principal Mr. Belding at every turn, and by the later seasons they were kind of buddies. Okay, that was actually more creepy and weird.

2. Ferris Bueller of the film Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris has to edge out Zack because Zack was largely based on Ferris, in that they both were running their schools and were the lone characters who could talk to the camera. Plus, Day Off is just a much more respectable piece of work. Saved by the Bell is just enjoyable because it sucks so hard.

He could convince Cameron, his best friend who was actually sick, to steal his dad's Ferrari for a day full of adventures in downtown Chicago.

He's a Chicago Cubs Fan.

Image © Paramount Pictures

When it's believed he is sick, someone sends him a sexy stripper, (or was she a hooker?) dressed as a nurse.

An early computer hacker, Ferris could get into the school computer to erase his number of absences from "nine times" to zero.

1. Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli (Fonzie) from TV's Happy Days.

Fonzie could bully a jukebox with a punch to get it to play any song he wanted.

Women swoon over him, and he often walked into Arnold's with one on each arm.

He is trained in martial arts, and despite being a skinny Jewish-looking Italian kid, he can whip a room full of dudes without breaking a sweat.

On his water skis, wearing swim trunks and his leather jacket, he jumped over a live shark, thus the creation of the phrase "jumping the shark" when a show develops all too stupid plot elements. Stupid? Let's see you try it. "Eeeeyy!"

Story by Matthew J. Swanson

Starpulse contributing writer