People love to dance. Sometimes they get a little too excited about it though, and that's when gravity tends to remind them of its existence. Celebs are no exception either, as stars like Beyonce & Katy Perry prove sometimes when you go over the top, you end up on the bottom.

Check out some of the most fantastic dancing mishaps in the videos below - you'll LOL!

FAIL (verb): To prove deficient or lacking; perform ineffectively or inadequately.


Beyonce concentrating too hard on whipping her hair. Maybe this is where Willow Smith got her idea...


This couple got a little too into the dirty dancing, especially him. People aren't this rough in mosh pits. (This one's a little racy if you're watching with little ones)


What about pole dancing? Has the stripper pole trend gotten a little out of hand? A cute girl and a couple of sexy moves don't necessarily mean you have what it takes to be a pro!


And if you do need to get one, perhaps securing it directly into a ceiling stud with a couple of lag screws is a good idea.



Maybe this girl should've opted for the "professional installation." Looks like she's got a little buyer's remorse.


Wanna be startin' something? This girl gets a standing ovation for her "moves" to some classic Michael Jackson before Lady Gaga took the stage at one of her concerts. The girl in the video, Rachel Beauparlant, brushed it off and said, " was so fun .. hey, you fall and get back up!!"


Paula Abdul's dance show, Live To Dance, didn't even come close to getting the ratings she saw when she was on American Idol, so chances are alot of people didn't get to see this one. Or even knew she had a post Idol show.


This one plays out like a foreign TV commercial. We're not sure if it's serious or staged, but it's funny nonetheless:


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