Only one of the season's brand new TV shows made the top 10 list this year - The Mentalist starring Simon Baker. We weren't surprised by the other top shows of 2008-09. Are you? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Here they are with their average number of viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research:

American Idol (Wednesday night) 25.5 million
American Idol (Tuesday night) 24.7 million
Dancing With The Stars 19.8 million
CSI 17.4 million
NCIS 16.8 million
The Mentalist 16.3 million
Desperate Housewives 14.4 million
Two And A Half Men 14.1 million
Criminal Minds 13.7 million
CSI: Miami 13.2 million
Grey's Anatomy 12.9 million

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