They're sneaky and snarky. They scheme and slay. TV is full of bad guys (and girls), from those who make being bad look like fun to those who make us clutch the pillow to our chests.

It takes some excellent writing and an excellent performance to make a bad guy who is a worthy opponent but also one that the fans don't want to see defeated. It's no easy job, but these guys and girls met the task:

1.) Angelus (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Buffy was full of bad guys and villains - vampire duo Spike and Drusilla, rogue slayer Faith, Angel's sire Darla and a new Big Bad every season like the Mayor who ate the graduating class of Sunnydale High. But none of them was more memorable than the soulless alter-ego of Buffy's cursed love, Angel (David Boreanaz).

After one night of passion, love quickly turned into hate as Angelus mercilessly tormented and tortured Buffy and her friends and ultimately killed Giles' girlfriend. Angelus made a great bad guy not only because of his wicked ways, but because his demise was no easy thing for the slayer. It also meant the demise of her true love. It hurt, but it hurt so good.