There is a special place is our hearts for movie scenes that make us turn away and cover our eyes. But we find ourselves in a Catch 22 of sorts. We don't want to look, and that makes us want to look even more. These following movie scenes have taken us to that strange place: fear mixed with fascination. Here is part one of the "Top 10 Movie Scenes That Make Us Cringe."

Sin City
The Good ol' Ax to the crotch move

I saw "Sin City" in the theater four times. There was one scene that made everyone absolutely howl, gasp and blurt out multiple obscenities toward the screen every single time. Marv (Mickey Rourke), in all his killing glory, moves behind a poor, poor soon-to-be-mutilated soul. An axe comes swinging in between this guy's legs and lands in a very sacred place to those of the male species. The funny thing is that it was mostly the guys in the audience who let out these fantastic squeals of shared pain. The ladies squirmed too, but we were too busy chuckling at our male friends. I call this good times and a very effective scene.

Cabin Fever
Shaving in the Bathtub

This one hits the ladies right in the gut. A flesh-eating disease is ravaging a group of friends in the woods. Marcy, played by Cerina Vincent, cheats on her boyfriend and does the nasty with Rider Strong (that guy from Boy Meets World). He has the flesh-eating virus. This spells disaster. Marcy retreats to take a bath and to engage in a very common and daily hygiene regime for women: shaving. Why must horror films turn the most basic things into terrifying ordeals? Long story short, she starts to shave her leg, and chunks of flesh start coming off with each stroke of the razor blade.

(The "Cabin Fever" scene may contain content that is inappropriate for some users. Check out YouTube to view it.)

Wire through a foot

This was just wrong. He was such a nice guy. Widowed and raising a kid alone, he just wanted love and companionship. So he holds a fake audition to find a suitable wife. In the beginning, a sweet, young, fresh-faced woman strolls in. She's gentle, quiet, and absolutely psychotic. The movie is slow, but the payoff is worth the wait. By the end, she's torturing this guy. She's even brought out the special leather apron outfit, best suited for this occasion. Her weapon of choice is a piece of wire used to cut meat and is sharp enough to saw through bone. She goes to work on his foot with it.

Suicide Club
Giddy teenagers + a moving train =…

In the first 10 minutes of this film, my jaw was on the floor. Imagine giddy school kids all running and frolicking in a subway station. Maybe they are going on a field trip or just skipping class for a day. It starts getting a little weird. They all line up and stand right behind the safety line and hold hands. As the subway train draws closer, the kids (who can't be any older than 16 or 17) start joyfully counting. 1...2...3... They all leap in front of a moving subway train committing a mass suicide. Limbs go flying everywhere. Well, I certainly didn't see that one coming.

Check out the clip HERE.

The Fly
Giving birth to a squirming larva

Let's be real for a minute. Whenever the fly was on screen (meaning once you could no longer physically recognize Jeff Goldblum) I was completely grossed out by the sight of the Fly. But there was one scene that played on the most celebrated moment in life and turned it inside out. Geena Davis has a dream that she is in labor and giving birth to Goldblum's kid. Nothing good can come out of this birth once you realize the doctor is grossed out by what has come out. She gives birth to a squirming, icky, gross larva. Just the way that thing moved made my stomach uneasy. I could not watch that scene for a number of years until recently when I took on the task of writing this article.

(Not the larva scene, but the last 9 minutes of the film:)

Coming Soon: Part 2

Story by Destiny Lopez contributing writer

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