Top 10 Most Annoying TV Characters Of All Time

Joey from 'Blossom'

Yes, every show needs a heel, someone you love to hate, and those people can be important on a show. Indeed, a skilled actor can make a good living at that. But what about those who just annoy you to no end, the kind of character that makes your skin crawl every time they step into a shot or say one of their stupid catch phrases, and the ones who serve no purpose but to drive you absolutely nuts and annoy you in your nightmares long after their show has been cancelled? Those are the ones we would like to pay homage to today.

10. Joey from “Blossom”: All that needs to be said is “Whoa!” If you remember him donning a curly mullet, wearing an array of gaudy vests, and uttering that gut-wrenching catch phrase, then you know why no list such as this is complete without Joey. It seems as if he modeled his character after a younger and even dumber Rocky Balboa because he seems to somehow be going for more of an Italian vibe than the rest of the family, and definitely stupid, but what he achieves is a shining bright light of annoyingness on a show when most everyone is annoying in their own right. Whoa, Joey! That’s impressive.

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