If there truly is art in making movie trailers, then teaser trailers should be considered the Mona Lisa of the film world.  And with the recent barrage of summer teasers hitting the net and theaters, from "Godzilla" to the new "X-Men: Days of Future Past," there’s no shortage of trailer teasing goodness.  But what truly makes a memorable one and more importantly is there skill in creating the early and much more succinct teaser trailer?  We’re going to examine the phenomenon with a bird’s eye view of some known and some not so well known five star teasers that truly make the grade.  Cinematic encapsulations that use creativity, theatre of the mind and stark images that create sometimes in a mere thirty seconds what some films cannot in an entire two hours – the power and allure of movie magic.  Cyborg building, garbage men, blood rivers and kids with imagination are just a few of the vid examples in store for the curious fan below.  Welcome to the...


1. "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991)

Anyone who is a film fan remembers this iconic teaser and exactly when and where they saw it.  Putting his vision in the hands of late, great Stan Winston, James Cameron let Winston create this amazing, detailed and super cool teaser for their next proposed Terminator outing and it clearly showed just what a effects maverick Stan was.  Plus it was Arnold and he was back – and so was our excitement.