In honor of the recent Tim Burton film 9 we're spotlighting numerals and numbers in film. What they have contributed to movies over the years goes beyond simply differentiating an original from a sequel.

For the most part this list excludes sequels. Sorry. It's just too easy. Also, much too simple are the straight up number films. But the English language loopholes are definitely abused throughout this top ten to reflect the best and, well, most viewed options. Check them out!

1. The First Wives Club.

This is the smartass chick's chick flick with a message. Bette Midler. Goldie Hawn. Diane Keaton. They starred as jilted first wives in the fashion of 1996. This was before each one faded into the shadow of either her daughter, the lights of Vegas, or random mother-daughter chick flicks. It's a joyful, funny look at life after divorce. It's more about how to thrive than how to survive, and unfortunately what can happen when women define themselves by the male company they keep. It's a girl-power movie that delivers a message: females are strong, successful, and apparently coordinated enough to sing oldies on a whim far into menopause.

Other notable contribution to the numero uno club, depending on one's mood, are as follows: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest for the literature lovers, One Hour Photo for those that enjoy suspenseful nightmares come to life, The One (Jet Li) for those addicted to action, Air Force One for a family action flick (who doesn't love an old Harrison Ford whooping ass at 32,000 feet?), One Fine Day for the ladies, One Night At McCool's for the boys and First Knight (if you're into Sean Connery….and knights).

2. Hot Shots: Part Deux.

Yes, it is a sequel. Yes, it technically is the French word for two. But this film spoofs hard time and time again. Charlie Sheen makes another appearance as Topper Harley, foreshadowing his spoof-ready talent that he'd bring out ten years later in Scary Movie 3 (sorry, shamelessly adding a number to a title won't put a film on this list). This is a perfect litmus test movie for a date. The gags range from silly to hilarious with a few moments that fail to be funny. Sure, it was from 1993 and the current events won't resonate as much, but a chicken stretched as arrow or Saddam Hussein with a bikini tan line - if your date doesn't giggle they need to loosen up.

Other notable number twos: It Takes Two for that Olsen twins fix, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels for the kids that are cooler than everybody else, Two Weeks Notice for the ladies and the men that owe them one, and You Only Live Twice for the Bond freaks.

3. Three Amigos.

The combined comedic talents of Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, and Martin Short. Combine with hilarious pseudo-authentic Mexican attire. Have them battle bad guys. Signature hip thrust routine. Sold.

Other notable trio films: Three Kings would actually have won if the author didn't need a laugh tonight, it's a very underrated film that Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney do great things with, The Three Musketeers is always a chivalrous romp that counts as a chick flick, Three Men and a Baby for the dysfunctional family that's reading this list, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind for those that demand a sci-fi nod.

4. Four Weddings and a Funeral.

The Brits actually hit a home run on this movie. Sure, they have their own sense of humor, er, humour, as well as their own "The Office." Sometimes it resonates; sometimes it falls a little flat. But here, the happy-ending tale of a group of friends constantly intermingling over the course of many nuptials and one tragic funeral draws the audience in. It's Hugh Grant before he was the go-to charming Englishman for female friendly movies. The fashion is a bit of a throwback but the connections from wedding to wedding are well done.

Other notable four films: Born on the Fourth of July for the Oliver Stone followers and thinkers, Fantastic Four for the…um, non-thinkers, and Four Brothers for those needing an intense movie with drama.

5. The 5th Element.

Hear us out! Here is a film that takes on multiple topics. The future, apocalyptic events, aliens, love, good, evil, and all we really understand is that whoever was in charge of the art direction of this movie had FULL REIGN. The design of each nuanced part of this movie is camp. It's fun, it's colorful, and it begs the viewer to allow their imagination to push rationality out of the way. Ok, Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis are barely decent actors in this movie, but the attention to detail and outlandish expressions of femininity vs. masculinity (Chris Tucker?!) is intriguing. Gary Oldman doesn't do so bad as a futuristic bad guy with a speech impediment, plus who doesn't want to create a perfectly cooked chicken in the microwave from a few pebbles?

Other notable films with five: if you got 'em, share 'em!