, a collaboration of the Or Die Networks and skateboarding icon Tony Hawk, features action sports videos with an emphasis on the skate, snow, surf, BMX, motorcross sports culture. Under the creative direction of Tony, ShredOrDie delivers hand-picked action sports video content and functions as a video community for top athletes, professional and amateur filmmakers and every day users.

The site offers a democratic voting system that allows the user to decide whether a good video "shreds" or a bad video "dies." According to Tony, "The "shred" or "die" voting system allows the best stuff to rise to the top fast, and the lame stuff gets bounced out" so the best content is always fresh and accessible. The spectrum between videos that "shred" and videos that should "die" is occupied by videos tagged as "prime," "choice," and "lame." Then there are the "chosen ones," a group of untouchable, exclusive videos from the site's creators that are entirely exempt from voting.

ShredOrDie also features an extensive interview series from THI/900 Films (Tony Hawk's filmmaking company) called Dissent TV which will be a regular feature. Dissent TV documents Tony's extensive travels and interactions with major sports figures and celebrities including Lance Armstrong, Shaun White, Ryan Sheckler, Ed Helms, Bam Margera, Christian Slater and Isaac Brock. recently soft-launched and will continue to be updated daily with the best action sports video available from both professional and non-professional athletes. In accordance with the spirit of camaraderie that exists in the surf, skate, snow, BMX sports community, users are also encouraged to use as a place to share their own content.