Next week, Tom Selleck’s new TV series Blue Bloods premieres on CBS. The commitment to a new weekly drama won’t hurt his other job though. Selleck promises more Jesse Stone movies while he’s on Blue Bloods.

“Number seven is ready to go,” Selleck told the Television Critics Association this summer. “It's called Innocents Lost,  e-n-t-s.  I made it real clear that I wasn't going give up Jesse, so we're writing number eight.”

Sales of the last Jesse Stone DVD haven’t hurt Selleck’s case. “My boss Helen Verno, just sent me a note saying that No Remorse, the last one that just aired, is Number 2 in video sales right behind Clash of the Titans.  That's competing against features, so I think they're real popular, and it's a big challenge. We’ve always sold well on DVD. That’s why Sony is such a good deficit partner and that’s why we can afford to do the movies because they’re pretty expensive. Our whole philosophy and CBS and Nina [Tassler] embraced it, was basically to make a movie of the week look like a feature film and tell stories that way. It’s paid off for us.”

Selleck plays a New York City police commissioner on Blue Bloods. Jesse Stone is a police chief. “He happens to be a police chief of a very small town, so I've been weighing the two things.  I don't see any conflicts in the two guys because they're so different, but it's my job to make these two characters different enough where the audience enjoys both.  I hope people want to keep watching him because I love playing that guy, enough to make sure I could do him if I took this role.”