It seems like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are officially done with their “honeymoon period,” according to Star magazine. On March 11 they arrived separately to Beverly Hills High School to watch Tom’s son, Connor’s, basketball game, and they seemed anything but happily in love. An eyewitness tells Star “Both Tom and Katie looked absolutely miserable. I think they were definitely furious with each other.”

It turns out Tom is not pleased with Katie’s new assertive behavior. She recently signed on to star in "Mad Money;" she plans to take baby Suri for the filming which begins in April all the way in Shreveport, Louisiana. A source explains, “Tom probably feels that Katie has drifted from the path, (and is asking Katie to get) retrained in the ways of Scientology.” Tom had Katie undergo a Purification process “to free herself from any emotional problems she may be having” which includes a five hour process of sweating in a sauna to eliminate “poisons” from her body.

If Katie was looking forward to a getaway from Tom and his controlling ways, she’s out of luck! Tom will be joining Katie, and his daughter for the "Mad Money" filming. Katie isn’t breaking free any time soon, whether it’s the guilt from the re-indoctrination, or her fear of losing Suri, it looks like Katie will obey Tom, and continue to undergo the re-training as Tom sees fit.

“Katie only wants to be married once,” a source tells Star, so to ensure her marriage stays intact she’ll continue to please Tom; she wouldn’t want to upset him. A source adds Tom “apparently has a bad temper when he’s pushed.” Watch out Katie!