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It's the Sarah Palin baby name generator! Find out what you would have been named had you been born a Palin. - Politsk

Dita Von Teese shows off her non-existant waist. - Bitten & Bound

Another attempt at making CDs obsolete... the Micro SD album. But will it work? - Fox News

Little Gordon 1:

10 Newspaper comic strips that need to f$#%ing end already! - Topless Robot

Is this the new Megatron? - Latino Review

Who knows if someone with mad Photoshop skillz is behind this, but Diddy stepping in doody is kinda funny if you ask us. - Celebrity Rant

Little Gordon 2:

These seven kids shows were clearly conceived by people on acid. - Cracked

Are these the hottest NFL Cheerleaders, or what? - Spike

Have a listen to Cold War Kids' new CD, "Loyalty To Loyalty," out today! - AOL Spinner

Little Gordon 3:

These 10 celebrities might actually be cool in real life. -

Alba. Bikini. - Superficial

Rumer Willis dyed her hair red. It didn't help. - Hollywood Rag

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Danielle Lloyd in a bikini (click the pics for full gallery & larger images):