Alpha from Dollhouse

Alpha is a great villain for the show "Dollhouse" in the way that he doesn't appear until the last few episodes, but he is mentioned regularly in the season enough to keep the knife-loving multi-personalitied Active in the fans' mind. He also is something of a victim, although that can be argued, since he was like all the other Actives once and a (willing) slave to the Dollhouse. Alpha (Alan Tudyk) was one of the best Actives until he became obsessed with Echo and decided to disfigure the top Doll in the house so Echo could rise the ranks. Instead of going to the attic, Alpha fought back and went through a 'composite' event where he experienced all his personalities at once. With over 40 minds in his head, several of them having serious combat training, he went on a murderous killing spree in the Dollhouse. His menacing presence was felt all season as he tried to cut at his former home and eventually did get back in to 'rescue' Echo. She wasn't really enthusiastic to join his crazy party, however, so that didn't turn out well for him, but Alpha ran off to fight another day.

Now that "Dollhouse" was picked up for a second season, Alpha's story is hopefully far from over, and we'll have much more of him shouting at himself and cutting up people as art.

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