For centuries the tattoo industry has been dominated by men. In TLC's new series "LA Ink" (premiering Tuesday, August 7, at 10 p.m. ET/PT), the glass ceiling is shattered as three of the most respected female tattoo artists, along with one legendary male artist, come together to work at the newest and hottest tattoo shop in LA.

Joining shop owner Kat Von D at "LA Ink" are renowned tattoo artists Kim Saigh, Hannah Aitchison and Kat's mentor, Corey Miller. The shop manager holding everything together is Kat's good friend, Pixie. With the majority of the artists in the shop being woman, "LA Ink" shows that great art shares no gender bias.

The shop, which Kat recently opened in Hollywood, will have a distinct rock-n-roll flavor reflecting the owner's personal style. Filled with gorgeous black and white photography and memorabilia signed by legendary rock artists and professional athletes, "LA Ink" has a glam-rock feel that is inviting to celebrities, athletes, rockers and regular people alike. Following the lead set by their boss, Kat Von D, these tattoo artists (and shop manager) play by their own rules and live a fast-paced, rebel lifestyle. They set their own schedule, pick their clients, sleep late and party all night long. Together, the cast of "LA Ink" will share their lives showing the culture and stories behind tattoos.

Through TLC's hit series Miami Ink, artist Kat Von D tattooed her way onto the world's stage, becoming one of the most talked about and sought after tattoo artists on the planet. Throughout her 11-year career, Kat has worked alongside men, not only surviving, but thriving. Now, after leaving Miami for her home-town of LA, she is realizing a dream by opening up her first business.

Kat Von D, 25, was one of the featured artists on the first two seasons of "Miami Ink," which has traveled the globe, airing in many countries including Japan, Australia, Brazil and England. TLC's season two finale, which aired on May 8th was watched by over 3,000,000 people*. Kat specializes in fine-line, black & gray style life-like portraits.