CBS today announced plans to make TV history by partnering with TiVo Inc. to launch a new Fall show in an entirely original way -- not via a network premiere, a DVD, or the Internet, but on the TiVo service. TiVo subscribers will be the first in the nation to see the hot comedy CBS show The Class as early as a full week before its premiere on live TV.

The Class, starring Jason Ritter, is a new comedy about a group of twenty-somethings who are inextricably bound together by sharing the same third grade class.

In this innovative launch, TiVo subscribers will have an unparalleled opportunity to experience CBS fall line-up exclusives. In addition to the opportunity to watch "The Class" up to 1 week before its network premiere on September 18th, TiVo subscribers will be able to view sneak preview clips and receive exclusive footage and information on three more of CBS's most eagerly anticipated new shows: "Jericho" starring Skeet Ulrich and Gerald McRaney; "Smith" starring Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen; and "Shark" starring James Woods and Jeri Ryan.

With just one click of the remote, TiVo subscribers will be able to record the premieres of all four shows. This will mark the first time that any group of network shows have ever been bundled together and offered jointly for the ultimate in viewer convenience.

Following the premieres, subscribers can utilize the popular Season Pass recordings feature which once set, automatically records all shows viewers choose for an entire season without them ever having to give a second thought to when they air.