Aah, the holiday season. Strange how we cherish a time of year when the malls are over packed... it's cold outside... it's impossible to find a parking space... the line at the post office is out the door even at their slowest time of day... it's impossible to find the season's latest hot toy... people who have no clue what 'hustle & bustle' means and stroll slowly through busy stores so you're stuck strolling right behind them when all you want to do is get in and out. Christmas shopping is a mission, not a casual day at the mall to comparison shop. That's what the internet and the weekly circulars are for.

Tis the season!

Well, aside from all this, it's also the season when all of your favorite TV shows play repeats because they know you're not watching-- you're baking cookies, or decorating the house or out shopping for gifts.

But while those shows are on holiday hiatus, we'll gladly watch the wondrous specials and movies we watch every year to get us into the holiday spirit! A Charlie Brown Christmas. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Frosty the Snowman. The Grinch. Elf. Scrooge. Scrooged. And "the queen mother of them all," A Christmas Story.

But for some reason, the big four networks and cable channels alike have mixed movies in with their Christmas stories that actually have nothing to do with Christmas at all.

Seriously, Disney's Cars? WTF? How do Lightning McQueen and 'Mater fit into the Christmas equation? Radiator Springs is in the desert, so there'd be no snow, and NASCAR doesn't race in December. But with the NFL playoffs coming up and a plethora of college bowl games, how about putting some football movies on? There are plenty for the whole family: Invincible... Rudy... Little Giants.