Tips On Using and Applying Bug Spray

With the warm weather, the bugs are out now more than ever and with bugs come biting and itchy irritated skin as well as the overbearing threat of the disease known as Malaria that may come with certain types of mosquitos.

The best thing you can do about this is either stay inside or cover yourself head to toe with insect repellent; and more than likely, you will pick the latter.

Although bug spray is typically an easy thing to understand, sometimes how it should be used doesn't always have knowledge that is just given to you. So, as a way to make sure everyone uses bug spray correctly and healthily, here are some tips. Enjoy:

Don't Use Too Much!:

Too Much Spray

Once you're ready to apply your sunscreen, spray it onto your body smoothly and evenly. You do want to make sure that every bit of skin is covered because a bug can easily find exposed skin even if it's a small amount left uncovered.

However, you should make sure only to apply enough that a thin film is present on your skin. Less is more in this case; having less spray on your body is even more effective, especially considering that if you put more on, it makes no difference on the prevention of bugs, but exposes you even more to harsh chemicals.

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