America loves Tina Fey, whether she’s ripping into Sarah Palin and the politics of the NBC/Comcast deal, or just playing an over eater with bad relationships. She’s not going to make a stupid romantic comedy. Date Night is the thinking couple’s movie.

“We wanted the movie to feel like it was at the top of its intelligence in dealing with this couple and marriage,” Fey said. “We really wanted this couple to feel truthful and realistic to us and that they weren’t a couple who hate each other, who were fighting all the time.”

The bickering duo sniping at each other would be typical Hollywood. Fey found a way to make a loving couple funny. “They were just a real couple who were kind of worn down by their everyday lives and were in a way struggling to try to come together and that this night sparks that for them. So I think we tried to pursue jokes and speech that felt true to that.”

Fey and Steve Carell play the Fosters. When they go out, they like to dub their own dialogue over conversations happening between distant couples. That’s one of Fey’s bits. “I love to look at people and try to figure out what their deal is.” 

Date Night opens April 9.

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