The hit maker, Timbaland made a formal apology to Chris Brown for “talking smack” about his Aaliyah-assisted single “They Don’t Know.” While speaking with Revolt TV this month, Tim said Brown’s collaboration “will never work,” declaring himself as the only person able to team with Aaliyah because they were “soul mates.”

On Twitter (July 25), the rapper/producer directly addressed Brown and clarified his negative reaction. “I want 2 publicly apologize 2 my lil homie @chrisbrown 4 my statements on revolt regarding the Aaliyah collaborations.”

Timaland had an extremely close relationship with Aaliyah prior to her 2001 death, apparently, when he heard her vocals placed on Breezy’s track struck an emotional chord. “I actually like the song wit him n Aaliyah,” he continued. “It’s just when you are talking about babygirl its a very sensitive subject with me. So the people who not only worked with her but grew a bond so tight we are like family so im very over protective over her. I have mad luv 4 my dude Chris Brown.”

More than a decade after the beautiful singer passed away in an plane crash, Tim says the family “is still grieving.”

Chris Brown isn’t the only artist to use Aaliyahs’ vocals on a track after her passing, his arch enemy Drake did but that release got DMX pretty heated over it as well. Drizzy released “Enough Said” last summer and announced he was working on an album of the Detroit native’s previously unreleased music. Timbaland wasn’t supportive of that idea either, but he’s simmered down after Jay Z advised him to “embrace” the Toronto rap star.

Drake hasn’t given a date for the posthumous Aaliyah album. His next solo release, Nothing Was the Same, is slated for Sept. 17.

Fans can hear Brown’s latest, X, next month.

Have you heard the song yet, have listen below and leave your comments about the track.