That sound you hear is a bunch of fans re-watching The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button after Tilda Swinton teased a possible Easter Egg.

During her Reddit AMA (Ask me Anything) to promote her film Snowpiercer's American release, she was asked about any interesting experiences she had while working on Benjamin Button. She replied, "The time when Fincher failed to notice that BP [Brad Pitt] and I had arranged two potatoes and a carrot in a specific configuration on the kitchen table we were sitting at.. and had to have it pointed out to him at the END of a take.." Swinton didn't reveal whether or not they did another take of the scene, so it's possible there is a "vegetable penis" hidden in a scene of the film.

Swinton also responded to a question over a lingering rumor she had two lovers – one young man and another the father of her twin children. She said, "This is not true.. it never was.. someone once ran with a misunderstanding.. I suppose there may be people out there who believe it, though, so their perception would be skewed.. I'm sorry if this is a disappointment for anybody.."

The actress also revealed what it was like working with directors Jim Jarmusch and Wes Anderson, saying it was practically a summer camp: "Working with both Jim Jarmusch and Wes Anderson is like the summer camp of dreams.. with significant themic differences.. Wes Camp means all staying in a big house together and eating round one big table every night, none of that trailer stuff that big movies do, which tends to divide people out and make for lonely days (so I hear).. Jim Camp is rock n' roll camp, nocturnal, super mellow, like the endless morning after a crash-out sleep-over when noone really wants to go home.."

Sounds like a great time, no? You can read Tilda's full AMA over here.