Rapper T.I. was forced to chastise his pal Sean 'Diddy' Combs on Saturday for attempting to start a fight at a BET Awards afterparty in Atlanta, Georgia.
The newly-released hip-hop star, who completed an 11-month prison sentence last week, was celebrating his freedom at a party hosted by Diddy when the rap mogul and Ciroc vodka investor began taking aim at a group of partygoers at Compound nightclub for sipping on rival alcohol brand Grey Goose.
According to reports, Diddy shouted, "Put that s**t down. It's Ciroc boys in the building."
He is then accused of throwing his drink off the stage, taunting, "What you gonna do (sic)? This is my house."
But T.I. was quick to quash any trouble from erupting at his bash and potentially landing him in trouble with his probation officers and lambasted Diddy for acting so foolishly.
He reportedly grabbed a microphone and said, "What's going on in this motherf**ker? ...God damn it, I've done enough time. Ain't nobody else in this motherf**ker talking about fighting and God damn did their time. I ain't trying to do it.
"Puff (Diddy), you got too much money for that motherf**king s**t n**ga. Let that n**ga drink what the f**k they wanna drink, man... I love you, n**ga, you know I'd go to war with you, but come on, man!"
Video footage of the incident has been posted on GrindHD.com.