Rapper T.I. is confident he's broken the drug habit that landed him in prison last year, insisting he's now "clean and sober."

The Live Your Life hit-maker, real name Clifford Harris, Jr., walked free from a halfway house last month after serving an 11-month sentence for a probation violation, stemming from an arrest for possession of ecstasy.

And he claims he has since kicked his penchant for "recreational" substances, which he first dabbled with when he was a teenager, growing up on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia.

During an appearance on The View on Tuesday, he said, "I've accepted that in order to have a different result, you have to take a different approach, which is staying clean and sober... I understand why people are so critical of me, and I accept that. Nobody is tougher on me than I am on myself. And I'm not trying to make excuses and I accept responsibility for everything that I've done."

"People say, 'Well how can he just make that mistake again and again?' I think that they don't take into consideration how long, prior to me being T.I., how long that I had been living the life I'd been living, since I was about 14, 15, 16 years old, and I'm 31 now."

"I broke the habit, I think it was more recreational than anything else, and it's just a discipline factor."