More than three months after Sherman Hemsley's death in July, a judge in Texas has ended a legal battle over the actor's will and given the go-ahead for his burial.

After a battle with lung cancer "The Jeffersons" star died in Texas, and his body was held at a funeral home while the courts ruled on a dispute between Richard Thornton, who claimed to be Hemsley's brother, and an associate named in his will.
Hemsley named his friend/manager Flora Enchinton Bernal as sole beneficiary of his estate, which is estimated to be worth around $50,000, but Thornton contested the will.
The case went back to court in El Paso, Texas on Friday and Judge Patricia B. Chew ruled the actor's will to be valid. During the hearing at El Paso County Court, Judge Chew also gave Enchinton Bernal permission to go ahead with plans to lay the actor to rest.