'Dance Moms': I know, I know! Horrible, isn’t it? I thought to myself, no, you already have enough shows. Then, one day after a ‘Will & Grace’ marathon, it popped up. Before I knew it, I was a goner. ‘Dance Moms’ revolves around young children beginning their dancing careers. Think ‘Toddlers and Tiaras,’ times 100. It's nothing short of amazing. Abby Lee Miller, the famous dance instructor is ruthless, loud and sometimes just plain rude to both the children and their mothers. However, the mothers are not saints themselves and routinely lose their cool with one another, the other children and of course sharp-tongued Abby. Lifetime is not joking around when they say, “The show you have to see to believe.”

 ‘Dance Moms’ airs Tuesday at 9 PM on Lifetime.


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