Actor Thomas Haden Church has quit surfing after developing a "pigeon chest" from his years of paddling out to the waves.

The "Sideways" and "Spider-Man 3" star, 49, spent his youth chasing big waves around the globe but health concerns have forced him to hang up his board.

He says, "I gave it up (because) I became pigeon-chested from it! It means your breast bone changes because when you're paddling, the muscle pushes back... and my sternum really started to come out."

It's not the only hobby the actor has been forced to give up for health reasons - he has given up his dream of learning to ride a bull like a professional after breaking his pelvis in training.

He explains, "When I was a kid I was like, 'Bull rider guys are the most courageous humans on earth!' So then I went to a bull riding school and I broke my pelvis the last day of the school."