The Cannes Film Festival is known for blockbuster movie premieres or really important cinematic achievements. This year, a weird underground sci-fi movie will take Cannes by storm. Gregg Araki’s Kaboom will premiere at Cannes as a midnight film, starring Thomas Dekker.

Kaboom is a really original screenplay,” Dekker said. “It’s a sex movie, it’s an apocalyptic movie, it’s a rock n’ roll movie and yet it’s also an art film. So it’s kind of this great conglomerate and there’s a lot of things that I did in the film that I was willing and excited to do because of Gregg and because I felt it was something original and important." 

Is it actually about exploding? “In every way. In every way possible. That’s the best way I can put it.”

Araki’s work might not be familiar to the masses. His Mysterious Skin dealt with the effects of childhood abuse in terms of alien abductions. The Doom Generation was a road trip filled with rape, three ways and talking decapitated heads. Just imagine what’s in store for Kaboom.

“By the way, apocalypse in this movie means a lot of things. It’s definitely not The Day After Tomorrow. It’s its own thing. Mainly the particular challenges for me were of vanity. Believe it or not, as an actor I don’t have much of a vanity level. I like to look like sh*t. I like to really get in there. I like to get myself in trouble as far as a character, but there were a lot of scenes that required all of, not just me, to really let go of our inhibitions as far as physically, as far as emotionally and just to kind of really give ourselves over to the film. That element of it was a joy because I felt like the movie was so important for a sect of young people that I think will love this film that maybe haven’t been catered to very much. I felt they deserved a movie that really spoke to them. I felt this movie did speak to them and I think we all did, so we were all willing to really push ourselves in that way.”

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