I'm very excited about the upcoming month. With May arriving this week, we kick off our summer movie season filled with epic blockbusters. This month we will see an "X-Men" spinoff, a prequel to "The Da Vinci Code," a fourth "Terminator" movie and a "Star Trek" reboot. Movies coming out this week are "Battle for Terra," "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past," "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," and "The Limits of Control."

Conner Mead (Matthew McConaughey) is successful photographer and a true womanizer; he's not above breaking up with three women at the same time via conference call. At his brother's wedding, he is haunted by ghosts of his jilted ex-girlfriends. These ghosts take Connor on a journey through his failed relationships past, present and future to find out what made him so insensitive, and to find out if there is still hope for him to find love.

Director Mark Waters is no stranger to feel good movies with an important moral message; he also directed "Mean Girls," "Freaky Friday," and "Just Like Heaven." Acting alongside McConaughey are Jennifer Garner, Michael Douglas, and Breckin Meyer.

SEE IT, RENT IT, OR SKIP IT? Skip this movie. While the concept of ghosts showing Connor the error of his ways is certainly interesting, the movie itself appears to take a very traditional path for a romantic comedy. The movie's trailer makes it look really cheesy, and I think that most of the jokes forced.

"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" shows audiences the life of James Howlett, also known as Logan, but better known as Wolverine. Chronicling his younger years as a mutant, the movie connects Logan's relationship and falling out with Victor Creed/Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber) to his entry into the Weapons X project, a government program that turns willing and unwilling beings into living weapons.

"David Benioff ("Kite Runner") and Skip Woods ("Hitman") wrote the movie while Gavin Hood ("Rendition") directed. "Lost" stars Kevin Durand and Dominic Monaghan play the Blob and Bolt respectively, while nice guy Ryan Reynolds plays the wise-cracking sword wielding assassin Deadpool.

SEE IT, RENT IT, OR SKIP IT? See it. I never really cared for how the X-Men translated onto the screen in the three movie adaptations, but I always liked Wolverine in them. I think Hugh Jackman does a tremendous job with the character, and I'm eager to see more of Wolverine's back story. Also like many people, I'm thrilled to see a fan favorite character like Gambit finally make it to the big screen in an X-Men movie.

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