The best season of "Prison Break" thus far was season 2. Sure, purists had a problem with it ("they're no longer in prison!); but as far as unpredictability, craziness, and sheer fun are concerned, it was unmatched. Well, that might all be about to change. Season 4 might have started off a little unevenly, but if the past few episodes are any indication, the journey to the season (and perhaps series) finale is going to be quite a trip.

Not So Strange Bedfellows

We left off last week with T-Bag (Robert Knepper), having just fled from a suspicious associate at Gate, frantically returning to his shiny new house. Things went from bad to worse as he was then ambushed by a subtly (for her) made-up Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe), who knocked him out and tied him to a chair. For those keeping score at home, that is approximately the 32nd time that The Bagster has found himself in such a situation in the last four years.

After some proper "motivation" from Gretchen (which resulted in a few nifty gashes on T-Bag's good arm), Teddy decides to tell her all he knows about the bird book, Gate, Scylla, and the JFK assassination conspiracy (ok, so not the last one, but the point is that Gretchy is quite adept at torturing people). T-Bag, enamored by those who cause him pain, swears fealty to Gretchen, and just like that, a new partnership is born.

Back to Work

T-Bag and Gretchen then abduct Cole Pfeiffer's erstwhile secretary at Gate (the one whom Bellick told to notify him if she saw T-Bag) and force her to call Bellick (Wade Williams), setting up a meeting. Michael (Wentworth Miller), Bellick and Mahone (William Fichtner) stay behind to confront T-Bag while the rest of the gang goes off to Vegas (more on that in a minute). They go to meet with the secretary, blissfully unaware of the ambush that T-Bag has planned. Mahone manages to escape from Bagwell's clutches, but Michael and Bellick are captured.

T-Bag momentarily puts his blood feud with Michael aside so that he can have everyone's favorite genius decipher the exact location of Scylla. From the bird book, Michael is able to deduce that the machinery that can decode Scylla lies in an underground complex, only accessible through T-Bag's old office. Gretchen, overhearing this (but still not revealing herself as T-Bags puppet-master) decides to do her part. She heads to Gate and kidnaps the associate who was so suspicious of T-Bag, thus clearing up a loose end and allowing T-Bag to return to the Gate office. She could just hold the guy hostage, but what fun would that be? After getting him to sign a letter of resignation from Gate, she strangles him with a look of glee that is just a perfect representation of her character. It's good to have you back, Gretchy.

Vegas Baby!

So what was that about Vegas? Well, the cardholder this week has decided to take a nice, relaxing trip to that little desert town, and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies), Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) and Roland are dispatched to copy the fifth card. They are unable to do so in the casino, because there is too much data in there and the copier can't read the card. Guess that means someone has to go up into the creepy old guy's luxury suite!

Sara volunteers to do the job, but her attempts at seduction are met with cold rejection. After a momentary loss of self esteem, Sara is told by the bartender that she is not the cardholder's type. Apparently the cardholder had just minutes before invited the bartender up to his room. Enter Sucre!

Sucre is enlisted to charm his way into the suite long enough to copy the card. What follows is an awkward yet amusing scene where the reluctant Sucre gets himself invited up. Apparently, that $1000 payday (not to mention the 200 year-old cognac) was just too much to resist. Once upstairs, he is relieved to discover that the cardholder does not want to touch him. No, he just wants Sucre to sleep with his wife. So did Sucre stop crying about Maricruz long enough to earn his $1000 payday? Sadly, we might never know, because Sucre isn't telling.

Better Than Craigslist

Agent Self (Michael Rapaport) is fearing for his life after a parking garage encounter with Termie (Cress Williams). His fear is justified when we cut to a scene with Termie and The General (Leon Russom) debating whether or not to kill Donny Self. The General thinks it might be a bad idea to kill a federal agent, as that will draw unwanted attention to The Company. Not that it has stopped him before. Termie, itching to pull the trigger (he hasn't killed anyone for about two episodes), manages to convince The General that the risk is worth it and gets the go ahead to kill Self, with one condition: make it look like an accident. Also, let it also be known that Termie was wearing one sweet tie. He definitely didn't get that thing at TJ Maxx.

Self, knowing that he is marked for death, is unsure what he should do. He seeks counsel from Mahone, who offers him some advice. Mahone tells him how back in the day (when he was still a respected agent in charge of the "Fox River 8" manhunt…seems so long ago) Michael Scofield succeeded in escaping from him because he stopped running, and instead got aggressive.

Self takes the advice and digs up some dirt on The Company, The General, and some of his dealings in the past. He then confronts The General and tells him to back off, because if he were to die then all of The General's dirty laundry, past and present, would be scrutinized. The General, impressed with this show of initiative, immediately shifts from kill mode to recruit mode and offers Self a gig working for The Company. Self turns him down, but The General does not get discouraged and insists that he will eventually change his mind. Take the gig Self! Having the chance to work side-by-side with Termie and his awesome ties each day? Priceless.

T-Bag Gets Screwed Over…Again

T-Bag leads Michael into his old office at Gate, where Michael quickly and methodically finds the trap door that T-Bag was unable to discover. The two go underground, where Michael confidently tells T-Bag that he is going to lock him up and get him sent back to Fox River. Just as T-Bag asks him how he intends to do that, they are joined by a special guest: Alex Mahone. Michael had sent Mahone a little origami note (nice to see that all of this time on the run has not affected Michael's origami skills), and Mahone came to the rescue. They lock T-Bag up in the tunnel and then call Agent Self, who intends to have Teddy B taken back to Fox River.

Their self-congratulatory backslapping is caught short, however, by a call from Gretchen. She says that they have a common goal and she can be an invaluable asset (or a major hindrance, depending on their actions). Her first request is that they let T-Bag go. Yep, that look she gave T-Bag during the strangulation was no accident…looks like someone has a crush!

More Please

In his most recent column in Entertainment Weekly, author Stephen King declared his love for "Prison Break," saying that while there were far finer shows out there from a technical standpoint, nothing has captured his heart or his attention like this little show on Fox. It is easy to see why the most underrated author of the past 50 years is so addicted to "Prison Break." It's just so much fun. So, so much fun. Can't wait for next week.

Thoughts on last night's episode? Any predictions about what might happen next? And just how awesome was Wyatt's tie? Leave a comment!

Story by Derek Krebs

Starpulse contributing writer