Vacations can be stressful. You have to figure out where to go, how to get there, what to do when you get there. Once you decide where to go, there's all that

stress to DO something rather than relax and appreciate your surroundings. Inevitably, something always goes wrong be it a flat tire leaving you on the side of the interstate or an unexpected discovery that eating shrimp makes you break out into a horrible rash. Vacations never seem to go as planned.

Countless movies capitalize on the dissonance that often spring from supposedly rejuvenating vacations. Sometimes the twists and turns along the way to relaxation are ultimately rewarding. While the habitually unlucky Griswold family can't cut a break, their disastrous vacations ultimately bring their family closer together. Some movie vacationers should be so lucky. The horror genre often takes advantage of the things that can spring up on people while they're away from home, and out of their element. Some of the most iconic horror films in history revolve around vacations-one of cinema's most infamous butchers, Jason Voorhees, stalks a summer camp of all places. So before heading out this summer in a vain effort to escape the daily grind, keep these movies in mind as you recover from a late night bought of food poisoning. You may be up all night next to the toilet, but at least you aren't being cut into pieces or eaten alive by cannibals.

The Evil Dead
Vacation: A quiet cabin in the mountains
What goes wrong: Possession, dismemberment, sexual assault by trees

When a group of five college students head to a cabin in the mountains of Tennessee over a cool, wet weekend, their only concern was keeping their moonshine supply stocked. Things were going well up until the group read from a book they found in the basement. While reading a dusty old book seems innocuous enough, things get sketchy when it's a book inked in blood and bound in human flesh, featuring a twisted face on its cover. After reading the book, the forest springs to life and a groaning, unyielding force possesses the kids, turning them on each other in a bloody orgy of ridiculous gore.