Things You Need To Know About Water Bears

Scientifically known as the Tardigrade, or also commonly known as Moss Piglets; Water Bears are microscopic organisms that will probably be among the few bodies that would be able to survive the end of the world.

They have long bodies, stumpy legs, claws on each foot, and scrunched up heads. Many people believe that the tiny creatures are pretty cute, in that goopy insect sort of way.

Water Bears are fascinating creatures that live their lives in whatever way they want to; which they are entirely able to, especially considering that they could probably do anything without risking their own deaths. They have been given the title "Most Resistant Living Organism" for a reason, you know.

Here are some facts about this wildly unique animal that will blow your mind. Enjoy:

The Water Bear's Habitat:


The Tardigrade can live absolutely anywhere; these creatures have even been used as test subjects and sent to space and survived the space vacuum; without any space suits!

Even after a volcanic eruption, while everyone and everything else has scattered out of the way, water bears have already begun making their homes in the soon-to-be cooling lava.

These creatures can even survive being boiled alive in alcohol.

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