The America’s Got Talent auditions headed to Denver Wednesday night beginning on with a rocky start. It began when the judges tried to enter the stage from backstage which proved to be a maze Howie that had Howie so confused he made it out just in time for the show. After joining his fellow judges, the first act of the night was up enter Eric and Christlo.

The duo of Eric and Christlo stated that they were singers but began their routine dancing to the intro of TLC’s Waterfalls. Piers X’d them out before they even had a chance to sing a note. It was not long after their off-key performance that Sharon and followed suit and all three judges said no.  Next up some more dancing to entertain the judges, followed by a hair-raising act it’s Jenny Rocha and the Painted Ladies and Chris the Boy with the Wire Hair.

Dance troupe Jenny Rocha and the Painted Ladies had no gimmick and no act and failed to peak the panels interest and were sent packing. The auditions became stranger with Chris the Boy with the wire hair. As his name implies it was just that an ordinary boy who fashioned his hair to be able to suspend from it while attempting tricks. With no excitement or mystery there the judges voted No.  Up next was something totally unique or should I say Fatally.

Fatally Unique was the first act to garner a yes from the judges. Ranging from 13-22 this group of young dancers were a strong and completely in-synch group of dancers.  Although Piers didn’t care for their outfits all three judges voted yes.  Ian Johnson wowed the crowd with his yo-yo tricks and Tricky Jackson used his physique to entertain the audience with a strongman act.  Singer Taylor Davis impressed the judges with his talent and conviction and all three acts are headed to Vegas.  The judges didn’t know what to make of the next act dancer Tomahawk Tassels.

Tomahawk Tassels wowed the judges and not in a good way, with her dance routine and “ Burlesque” act which was more like an exotic dancer when things started flying off. Dressed in stereotypical Native American wear, Tomahawk used a canoe and paddle to cover up her décolletage and other unmentionables when her clothes came off and she lost her ticket to sin city.  Quite a change from the previous act, nobody was expecting what came out of Cindy Chang.

It seems like we’ve heard it all before the moment a singer astounds and surprises us with that special something, singers like Susan Boyle, Jackie Evancho and now Cindy Chang.

Cindy Chang, a 42 year-old  housewife spoke about her 20 year struggle to become a singer despite the opposition of her family. She wowed the judges and the audience with her passionate and moving operatic performance and bringing the audience and judges to it’s feet before the song was over. She was a shoe in to Vegas.  Other successful acts followed Chang in pursuit of and receiving a ticket to Vegas like Mike Stone & the Krittkal band and Fantastic Fig and his cat Newton.