"We made three times what we thought the movie could make. Three seems to be the number because everybody keeps coming up to me and saying, 'I saw the movie three times'." Three is lucky for "Avatar" director James Cameron.

"It is a life-changing film and it changed my life. So this is appreciated but the win is when someone says, 'My life is different because of the film.' That's priceless." Oscar contender Mo'Nique on being nominated for her role in "Precious".

"I'd like a nice juicy burger and some deep, deeply fried fries... and maybe a milkshake." Sandra Bullock has fast food plans after the Oscars.

"It's tomorrow... We actually wanted to do it here." Nicole Richie jokes about her wedding plans to Oscars DJ Joel Madden on the red carpet.

"I'm hoping that everybody sings Happy Birthday at some point - is that asking too much? If she wins, my birthday gets postponed!" Peter Sarsgaard celebrated his 39th birthday accompanying his wife, Oscar nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal, to the Academy Awards.

"I even voted for Jeff Bridges, so all I know is you sit back and say, 'Jeff, keep your speech short!'" George Clooney fears the Oscars will run long if Best Actor nominee Bridges wins, as expected.

"I had to take an Ambien to sleep last night." Moviemaker Jason Reitman turned to sleeping pills to help calm his Oscars eve nerves.


"No one ever recognizes me... I had to tell a recent driver of mine that I was nominated for an Oscar and he said, 'For what? Costumes, make-up?'" Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga is rarely bothered by star spotters.

Designer/director Tom Ford designed Colin Firth's one-of-a-kind Oscars tuxedo and stitched the label 'for Colin Firth' inside his jacket. Firth was Oscar nominated for his role in Ford's directorial debut "A Single Man".

"We're nothing but kids with grown-up faces enjoying the time of our lives." Oscars Best Supporting Actress nominee Mo'Nique is thrilled to be a part of the Academy Awards.

"I was living in a car; you don't date a guy who is living in a car." "Avatar" star Sam Worthington on his loveless pre-fame days when his home was a battered motor.

"I told Jeff, 'We're not gonna turn the mic off on you, just make it about something, dude. Don't laundry list.'" Oscars producer Adam Shankman warned Jeff Bridges to be relevant if he wins an Academy Award.

"There's not a chance in hell I'm gonna win... Christoph Waltz has won every single award." Matt Damon insists he hasn't written an Oscars speech because he expects the "Inglourious Basterds" star to win on Sunday night (he did).

Oscars Fascinating Fact:
The Burberry suit Woody Harrelson wore to the Oscars was made from hemp.